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Quality Lawn Care Services in Central New Jersey 

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About Us

Love a Gorgeous Lawn?  We'll Help you Get One

Is your grass spotty in color, bare in some areas or filled with unsightly weeds?  Have you ever found yourself looking at a house with a stunning lawn and wondering how it got that way?  You'd like a beautiful lawn too, but where do you start?  

Keifton Lawn Care can help.  We specialize in doing all the necessary things to grow and maintain a healthy lawn that you can be proud of.

Do you remember running barefoot across the lawn as a child?   The sun on your face and cool grass between your toes were some of the best parts of summer.

Keifton Lawn Care remembers those special times too, and they don't have to end when you become an adult.  Get a complete lawn care plan customized to treat your lawn's specific needs.  A lush, gorgeous lawn can be yours.


What Our Customers Say

“I'll admit that I'm not a fan of cutting or maintaining the lawn.  Keifton Lawn Care has come to my rescue and I'm glad about it.  They put me on a bi-weekly schedule and show up to do the job.  Lawn looks great and I have more free time.  If you're looking for lawn care, I recommend Keifton.”

George S.



Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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